Hero Academy – Virtual Reality Game Prototype

Hero Academy – Virtual Reality Trainer Prototype

Hero Academy is the most advanced project I ever accomplished within a very tight timeline. The idea started with the release of the Virtual Reality technological advantage that came out early 2017 finding myself in need to learn and analyze the process of developing a virtual reality game, taking my skills to the next level. I had less than 3 months to learn blueprint programming, learn how to use Unreal Engine, apply 3D modeling and illustration techniques for the branding, compose music for the game and perform professional instruction voice and video recordings.

I created a unique presentation for the project using various materials for the construction, such as: metal sheet, wood, foam core, and other mediums. Applied most of the knowledge I learned though the graphic design and fine art studies in West Chester University. Hero Academy was a challenge to prove to myself and everyone else that taking a risk, sacrifice valuable time and dedicate on the purpose is the most successful way for improvement and self-growth. As Peter Drucker says “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” the total cost to reach a goal might be high, but the experience is invaluable.

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