Black Mountain Moonshine

Black Mountain Moonshine – Packaging & Game Development

Original Imported Moonshine from the southern part of Greece, Crete. The product origins back to the ancient Greece and Minoas, the King of Crete, the famoun Minoic civilization best known from the Minotaurus mythology. The product itself is made of local producers and distributed personally to locals, friends and family so far. Black Mountain is the new name for the branding and design of the company which will Import and distribute the product to United States and Europe.

The moonshiner is mixed with honey and 3 different flavors, the original white (transparent), the strawberry (ruby red), the dark elixir (black, it’s recipe remains a mystery). Every year, the packaging comes out with special editions such as: Christmas, Easter, Summer, and Valentines Day.

It’s cost is relatevely high because the original product doesn’t come out in large amounts, and it’s transportation costs even more. Also, the chemistry bottles and the original corks are hard and expensive to find. The use of Chemistry bottle is important for boiling, because the Black Mountain is also served warm as well. It’s high volume density of alcohol (ethanol) needs specific safety instructions in the packaging for boiling.

The use of white wax for the logo and the use of cork and hemp wire, makes the product unique and collective among the others. It’s not your usual drink, It’s not the bottle of whiskey that will end up in the recycling, you keep this bottle in your living room’s shelves, that’s what it makes it last through the years.

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