About Me

In a Few Words

I have an extensive background in corporate, agency, and freelance graphic design / web development work, and I’ve been at the helm of a variety of projects (i.e. print, virtual reality, interactive/digital design.)

In the past, I have worked on over 70 public and private events in the music industry, and was the full-time Graphic Design Director at Zita Medical Publications for six years. For the past four years, I’ve been performing contractor duties with start-up companies all around the US—my tasks focused on visual branding, user experience, marketing strategies, and social media. Developing my own environments for clients for over 10 years has also contributed to my rich background and deep understanding in technology.

Recently, I developed my first virtual reality game prototype for Oculus, using Unreal Engine and Cinema 4D. I also have experience with platforms concerning audio, major graphic/motion design, web development, and hardware/software.
My design style is simplistic, and always caters to the user’s experience.

Lastly, I hold a BFA with Honors on Graphic and Interactive Design from WCUPA and I am currently active trader/miner in cryptocurrencies.

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Professional Skills


Graphic Design


Web Development


Video Production


Music Production


3D Modeling


Online Marketing




VR Development

  • 2017: Bachelor of Graphics Design and Fine Arts / West Chester University, PA
  • 2015: Nominated as one of the Faculty Reconnection Scholarships for Fall, 2015 for initiative, creativity,
    talent and faculty support
  • 2014: Dean’s List Award in Recognition of Outstanding Academic Achievement
Fluent in
  • English
  • Greek

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